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Mini Raffle of Epicness!

Breaking news announced tonight on the AIE podcast!

The Craft Faire needs so many more materials for next week that we are giving away two Sky Golem mounts to people that help us gather more stuff!

In order to enter the Mini Raffle of Epicness, you need to need to send us full stacks of anything on the list, but you have to fill a full 12-slot mailbox.  It can be all of the same item or a mix match of different ones.  So you could send 12 20-stacks of Cobalt Bars or six 20-stacks of Cobalt Bars and six 20-stacks of Spirit Dust.

For each full mail you send, you get entered into the drawing once.  So if you send in five full mails of materials on the list, you will be entered five times.

In order for your donation to count, the mail has to been sent to Seriewa.  If you send it directly to the Captains, they cannot add your name to the raffle list.  The materials sent in will be forwarded to the Captains daily.

The raffle deadline is Wednesday, April 23rd at 11:00 PM server time (EDT).

For more information, please visit the official post on the AIE forums.

Celebrate Spring with some RP in WoW!

Ironclawed is hosting an upcoming RP event in AIE in World of Warcraft!

When: Friday, April 18 @ 8pm Server Time
Where: Bloodhoof Village, Earthen Ring, around the bonfire
From Ironclawed:
I know, Spring Equinox was actually March 20, so I’m a little behind, but I’m hoping to do this on April 19 instead. Spring Equinox celebrations among tribal communities generally involve a lot of prayer, usually to deities of fertility, growth, and new life. In this case, An’she, whose bright eye brings warmth and life back to the world after a long slumber all winter.

Artcraft—Daughter of Argus

It’s Tuesday and already the Blizzard art team has sprung a second update to Artcraft on the World of Warcraft blog.   Blizzard tried to fool us on April Fool’s but it looks like it is no joke.  The Draenai are getting a whole new revamp as well.  We had been told that Blizzard was revamping the older vanilla races but it looks like even the races introduced in Burning Crusade are getting some love.

This guild master just can’t wait to see if Blizzard will be updating the blood elf race as well.  Because, he of course is not biased in any way to the most fabulously fashion forward race of all.  If you can’t look good vanquishing your foes then what is the point?

Artcraft—Running of the Bulls


So there is a new post Artcraft from Steve Aguilar, lead animator for the World of Warcraft animation team at the World of Warcraft Blog where he shares with us some of details regarding the new revamp of the male Tauren models and I must say I am impressed.

Steve spends a lot of time talking about how the art team had to make sure that they did not stray too far from the original models and to stay true to the “essence” of the original animation.

If you spend a little time to comparing the old and new models you can tell how important small details like weight shifting and even idle animations are and how they have been reworked in order to create a sense of volume that adds an impressive level of gravitas to the mighty noble Tauren.

WoW Players! We need your help!

Attention all you fine AIE World of Warcraft players!  Are you bored doing dungeon after dungeon?  Are you tired of long DPS queues for LFR?  Have you maxed out all classes and wondered what’s next?  Did you boost a new 90 without getting maxed professions?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions (or even no to all of them), Craft Faire needs your help!


Sign up for the WoW Craft Faire

With all of the new boosted 90s that are joining AIE, we need to know how many of you are coming to the Craft Faire in April.  We need to know if we have to start stock piling more materials!  So help us to help you and sign up for the Craft Faire in advance!  Click the link and fill out the form!

Thanks again to the greatest guild ever!

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